ultrasound in pregnancy

Ultarsound in pregnancy Safe or Not

Safest method to observe fetal and maternal condition in antenatal.
4-5 scans are useally advised.

1 st scan (6-8 weeks )

  • Detects pregnancy, turns pregnancy , multiple pregnancy
  • Exact age
  • Internal bleeding

2 nd scan ( 11-13 weeks )

  • Detects spinal cord defects
  • Neck thickness to rule out
  • Downs syndrome preseace of nasal bone

3 rd scan ( 18-20 weeks) ( It is most important scan)

It shows all organs and their development . Any anamaly present can be detected
at this stage.

TIFFA- Target imaging for fetal ananalies.

4 th scan (33 weeks)

It shows the growth of fetus and anatomy , placenta praera can be detected, loop
around fetus neck and many other things

5 th scan (38 weeks)

Cord around neck engagement and cord around neck

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