The CGHS takes care of the healthcare facilities by providing cover for: Cashless facility treatment in empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centers. Out-patient treatment including issue of medicines. Indoor treatment at government and empanelled hospitals.

Features of CGHS Card

CGHS or Central Government Employees Health Insurance Scheme is mainly for the betterment of the individuals by providing them with medical facilities without any hassle. The CGHS scheme is a much broader concept of health insurance. So before taking the CGHS scheme, it is recommended that you understand the various components of the scheme. Broadly the following medical services can be availed under the health insurance central government scheme: 

  • Dispensary services
  • Consultation facilities by the special doctors at empanelled hospitals
  • Laboratory examinations, X-Ray and ECG 
  • Hospitalization
  • Purchase, storage, and supply of medicines and the other medical requirements
  • Health education to the beneficiaries
  • Maternity, childcare and family welfare services.