About Priya Hospital

Health, the most needed but most neglected part at least for people of our society. Health is usually handed over to or Is thought to be responsibility of doctors. Most of the population ignores taking health as their own responsibility.

As a healthcare provider, we started a multispeciality hospital in 1990 with continuously improving facilities and caring management of doctor’s and paramedical personnel’s in south Kanpur when there was no other healthcare provider in this area to create awareness in the surrounding society and provide them the best possible healthcare facilities.

Since then we are improving it by increasing the number of beds along with facility of CTscan, digital Xray, C-arm facility, dialysis, well equipped pathology. We are equipped with modular operation theatres with a recovery room, ICU, NICU for emergency observation for serious and postoperative patients. We have recently upgraded our hospital with urosurgery and neurosurgery facilities.

We want to provide comprehensive, caring and cost effective medical treatment of global standard, through a team of highly qualified and committed medical professionals and staff. According to me profit must only be a by product rather than an aim, in the field of healthcare.

Above all we committed to improve the care and facilities to the people as and when required with continuous quality improvement and updated new medical technologies.