Priya Pathology & Imaging Centre

To provide State-of-the-Art for Diagnostic testing & Imaging Services, In-house pathology and imaging center at Priya Hospitals supports our dependable specialty Physicians/ Surgeons in arriving at an accurate diagnosis under strict quality control, ensuring the well-being and safety of patients with the help of qualified personnel and top-notch technology.

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Available Services

a) Haematology & Immunology
b) Clinical Biochemistry
c) Microbiology & serology
d) Clinical Pathology
e) Cardiology Investigation including Treadmill test(TMT)
f) X-Rays, CT-Scan & USG

Available Health Packages @ 30% discount*

* General Health checkups

* Pregnancy Health checkups

* Paediatric Health Checkups

* Renal Health Checkups

* Surgical Health Chekups

* Diabetic Health checkups